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Over the next few months, I will be facing new challenges as I undergo major surgery and extensive therapy.

My summer will not be spent taking trips to the Zoo, Marineland or Canada's Wonderland.  It will be a time of recovery and healing.  It will include lots of therapy.  It will be the opportunity to meet new friends that have shared similar experiences. 

This will be an account of my experiences, thoughts and feelings.  And some pictures to help tell my story (click on pictures to enlarge).

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Friday September 10, 2010
Woo-hoo!  My last day at Bloorview.  Dad is coming this afternoon to gather all of my stuff (thank goodness we have 2 vans).

My power wheelchair is fixed and will be delivered to my home late this afternoon.  Good - I missed not having it this last week.

Tonight, we are going to the Mandarin Chinese restaurant for dinner to celebrate my homecoming.  All you can eat Crab legs - yummy!

Had to say my good-byes to everyone throughout the day.  Ingrid, one of my favourite nurses, said she was going to miss all of my questions.  Well, I like to know what's going on, who my evening and overnight nurses are, what are they giving me this time, when is my bath night, who's crying down the hall and why, what's Christian up to, why does the hair colour in your picture ID look different than it does now, is that the medicine cabinet key around your neck, what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner, why did they buy a different brand of apple juice because it's not as good, where are the REC leaders, did Zoe just zip by on her bike, etc...

I like to know things.

It was sad saying good-bye.  I am really going to miss everyone here.  Everyone was so great and really helped our family get through a pretty tough time.  I have a lot of good memories to take home with me.  I am even planning for when I come back for my follow-up appointment, all the people I have to go visit.

Good-bye Bloorview.  Thanks for taking such good care of me.

Thursday September 9, 2010
Tomorrow is my last day at Bloorview.  I decided I want to stay for the entire day at school, as we are going to make some goodies and have a bit of a celebration for me.  It's going to be weird not being here after Friday.  It seems like it was so long ago since my surgery.  Some days it felt like I would never get out of here.  But, it's finally come to an end and to be honest, I am kind of sad to leave.

Tonight was my last evening at REC.  We played in the gym and since it was my last day, I got to play and ride in the scooter (they only have a couple scooters and everyone likes to ride in them).  I am going to miss going to REC and all the leaders and volunteers too.  They really helped pass the time during my stay here.

Wednesday September 8, 2010
Today was my last day of therapy at Bloorview with Trisha.  I guess I have graduated.  Oh, by the way - Trisha is pregnant.  During therapy, I used to like looking at Trisha's belly and would sometimes poke my finger and touch it, hoping to feel the baby kick.  I did some standing in the slant board and some sit to stands and transfers.  We're not totally on our own for therapy now.  Mom and Dad still have to do exercises and stretches with me every day, but I will go to private therapy and Erin Oak as well.  We do not want to lose anything I have gained AND I do NOT want to go through the surgery every again.

I had some pictures printed of some of my friends here and some of the nurses and REC leaders.  I gave them out to everyone and Zoe went to get me a present she made in her REC, which was an animal tail.  It was cute (and kind of weird looking).  I am going to miss everyone here at Bloorview.

Tuesday September 7, 2010
Well, guess what?  I had to go to school today.  No hanging around with Dad.  I was already registered (I don't know who did that)?  Anyway, I was a little nervous about going, but when I went to the classroom, Christian was in my class.  He got excited when he saw me too.  It should be fun, because Christian is a little character.  There are only 4 of us in class - 2 from SODR (my area) and 2 from BIRT (brain injury).  My teacher's name is Susie and there are a couple of other teacher/helpers in class.  Nat had Susie at the end of the last school year.  Nat liked her a lot and she even spoke French.  The teacher has our schedules, so if we have a physiotherapy appointment, we get to leave for the appointment and then come back when we are done (if school is still on).  School starts at 9:00 am until 12:00 pm and then from 1:00 pm until 3:20 pm.  And for me, it's only for this week - and a short week at that.

REC tonight was Family Pet night.  The last Pet night for me.  Counting down the days until discharge.

Dad came later this evening, because my Gramma is in the hospital.  He went to visit Gramma before coming here to spend the night with me.  Now Dad has to run between 2 hospitals - mine and Gramma's - which are on opposite sides of the city.


Monday September 6, 2010
I will give the recap of the weekend.  On Saturday we went to a Sushi restaurant close to home that we love and had a really good lunch.  We found this place by accident about 6 months ago and now we go about once a month.  We went here the weekend before my surgery, back in June.  That was the last time I was here for lunch.

We later went to a store to look at some medical equipment that we may need to buy to help with my transfers around the house.  Like a portable lift system.  It looked pretty cool.  It will help Mom and Dad out a lot.

Just before bedtime, my power wheelchair stopped working - just out of the blue - for no good reason.  It won't start up - it just freezes.  One minute it was working to get me in my room and then 2 minutes later when we turned it back on, it wouldn't start up.  It has now become a 200 pound manual wheelchair.  Disappointing, because this is the only way for me to get around without anyone's help.  Arrggg!!!

On Sunday, we invited Uncle Doug, Aunt Kathy, Elyse (up from Ottawa this weekend) and Laura over for a visit and dinner.  They brought their dog Rio as a surprise.  My puppies are good and get along with Rio.  Actually, for the most part, they just ignore each other and do their own thing.  It ended up being a girls night because Uncle and Dad had to go out.  I made the Caesar salad and we had a BBQ, ate dessert and later played one of my new favourite games - Uno.  We play it at REC all the time.  I think everyone enjoyed playing and Mom said we should do it more often - having a girls night.

Monday, we just took it easy.  It was a late night on Sunday, so we slept in a bit and then just hung around the house until it was time to go back to Bloorview.  Tomorrow is the first day of school.  I told Dad there was no sense in me going, since it is a short week.  Dad asked what I would do all day while all the other kids are in school and I told him I would just "hang out"..... with him....

Friday September 3, 2010
I'm going home, I'm going home, I'm going home for the long weekend.  I am very excited about going home.  Dad's with me this morning and we are leaving early.  Too bad it's pouring rain outside though.  Dad got soaked loading up the car with all the equipment and stuff, but we cannot wait too long because of our appointment this afternoon.  We are planning on having some family over on Sunday for a BBQ.  The weather isn't going to be warm or nice enough for a swim though.  I wouldn't be able to go anyway, so now I won't get jealous if everyone else is swimming.  Not sure what else we have planned - we may just take it easy and see how things go with my legs/hips/pain.

I also found out my Nanny and Poppy are coming up from Newfoundland in a few weeks for a visit.  Woo-Hoo!  I am so excited.  I haven't seen them in 2 years.  I am counting down the days - 16 days - until they come.

Thursday September 2, 2010
Getting ready to go home tomorrow for the long weekend.  Dad is going to take me home by himself, because I have to leave by 1:00 pm for an appointment at our house.  An OT is coming to access our equipment at home.  I think we are going to need extra equipment - to use now until I get stronger.  Some may be for when I get bigger as well (like a lift system).

I have a lot of stuff here.  Many crafts and paintings I've made at REC.  And stuffed animals, games, pictures, clothes, bike, stander, turners, etc...  I think we will need to rent a trailer just to get everything home next week when I am discharged.

Evening REC was a lot of FUN!  Mom put me in a little scooter and with a little help, I was able to drive it around the gym.  Mom says that before my surgery, there was no way she would have been able to put me in the scooter.  I hope I get to ride in it one more time before I leave.  Rebecca, the OT, calls the scooter a Turtle.
After REC, I went to hang out in Zoe's room with Denise (Zoe's Mom) and Zoe.  They are a very nice family.  I hope Zoe gets to go home for good soon.  I'm sure she misses her family.

Wednesday September 1, 2010
Sylvie was with me today.  She needs to practice the transfers as well in therapy, because she is my after school caregiver.  A lot of work for everyone involved.

Evening REC was the final swim.  There were a lot of us, but not many volunteers.  We had to team up with the volunteers - 2 kids per.  That was okay, because I got to swim with Zoe, or should I say the Little Mermaid, for most of the swim.

Mom brought Micky D's for a late dinner (tonight's dinner was powdery Mac & Cheese).


Tuesday August 31, 2010
Today is the day Mom and Dad have our Family meeting at Bloorview - part of which is to determine when I will be discharged.  My principal from school, Mrs. O, is coming too, so she can get the latest information on my progress and what will be expected when I return to school.

Giselle and Lisette came by at lunch time for a visit.  They brought my baseball team picture and trophy.  Unfortunately, I was not in the picture this year - I only got to play one game.  And I missed the end of season BBQ.

In afternoon REC, we made Nachos.  We were all sitting around the table when my Principal came down to visit me after the Family meeting.  Dad showed Mrs. O my room first and then they all came to the downstairs kitchen.  Mrs. O said "Hi" to everyone - she is nice and very friendly.  We had a short visit - Mrs. O said not to worry about anything, they will be ready for me when I return to school.  I think I'm looking forward to going back to school - the jury may still be out on that one.

Evening REC was Family Pet night.  Got to see some more cute dogs and we took a bunch of pictures with our REC leaders and friends.

Some of my friends will be leaving this week for good.  They are slowly going back to their old lives.  Good luck to them all.

Oh yeah.  It doesn't look like I will be discharged this week after all.  One extra week here - to help with the pain meds, because they keep changing.  I am going home for the long weekend though.  Looks like I may be going to school here next week.  I wonder how that works out.  No REC during the day, I guess.  I hope they don't give homework.

Monday August 30, 2010
We had therapy in my room today.  Worked on transfers with Mom and the turner.  The lower bed is better for this, but I do get pretty tired quickly.  It's a big struggle right now to do these transfers.  Trisha makes me work hard

Well, it's that last week of summer holidays before school starts.  I wouldn't really consider this a holiday though.  It hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.  I've made a lot of new friends, have had a lot of visitors and have done quite a bit to help pass the time.

Like swimming.  I went swimming for evening REC.  My little friend Zoe was there as well.  She is quite the little mermaid - doesn't stay still in the water for a moment.

Sunday August 29, 2010
Well, I was right.  I worried about everything.  This weekend was also an eye opener.  It showed all of us how difficult it is going to be over the next little while.  I do not have the strength I used to have and we could not get our technique down with using the turner.  It's different at home - we don't have the luxury of an open therapy room with nothing around or a bed or therapy table that can be raised or lowered.  And the nights are still painful - we need to be able to control the pain.  I don't think I am ready to come home for good on Friday.  I think we need some more time to build up my strength.  I think we need more time to manage the pain.  I think we need more time.

There were a lot of good things that happened this weekend.  I got to see Abby, my little budgie bird.  I got to see my room.  I got to see my dogs, Bennie and Hollie.  I got to cuddle with them.  We ate breakfast on our deck. I got to ride in my elevator, go outside and visit with some of the neighbours, whom I haven't seen for some time.

We went to a movie, but my legs get really sore when they are in the bent position for too long.  I couldn't stay and watch the entire movie - it was starting to get painful.  We figured that I do need many breaks throughout the day and have my legs straightened.  And as I said earlier, with all the transfers we have been trying and turning of my hips, everything gets very sore by the end of the day.

On Sunday, we did go to one of my favourite restaurants for dinner.  Prince's Japanese Restaurant and we always sit at the cooking table where they prepare your food in front of you and do a little bit of a show.  The food is always delicious.  I love this restaurant.  My Gramma even came with us (she loves this place too).

We didn't get back to Bloorview until after 8:30 pm.  Mom and Dad said that we will be going home every weekend until I am finally discharged from the hospital.   I'm glad - I look forward to it.

Friday August 27, 2010
Today my friend Natalie was discharged from the hospital.  I am happy for her because she gets to go home to her family, but sad because she was a really good friend.  We had so much fun together, especially at the Blue Jay game.  But Natalie has been here a long time and she lives so far away, it must have been really tough for her and her family.  I will never forget her and plan on keeping in touch through email and MSN.  Nat even has relatives in Mississauga so when she comes to visit them, we will try to see each other.

Lisa, who is my Physiotherapist in Burlington, came to visit me today.  We had a nice visit and I even brought her to see one of her friends that works at Bloorview.  When she was ready to go, Lisa brought me down to REC.  I'm sure I will be seeing a lot of Lisa for therapy when I leave this place

I am going home for the weekend.  I am pretty nervous about how things will go.   I am especially nervous about the transfers, because I don't want Mom and Dad to hurt themselves lifting me.  But I don't have the strength to stand like I used to.  Dad says not to worry about things, just to try and enjoy the weekend at home.  But if you know me, you know I worry about everything.


Thursday August 26, 2010
Vic from Mom's work came to visit me at lunch time today.  We ate lunch downstairs and spent some time together.  I gave Vic an update on how therapy and everything was going.  Steve, my friend Melissa's father, also came by to see me today.  Melissa, her brother and Mother went to England for a visit.  Steve said he has been living off of submarine sandwiches.  I could probably live off of those too, in place of some of the food here.

My surgeon came by to see me for a follow up appointment this afternoon.  I was pretty nervous about the appointment - so nervous that I didn't really feel like eating much lunch.  The doctor looked at my x-rays - he even showed them to me - and said everything looked really good.  The hip was back in place nicely, the plates and screws looked good, he was pleased with everything.  We talked about the pain I was still experiencing.  The doctor said that I didn't necessarily have to wear the wedge at night if it was uncomfortable.  To be honest, I think I'll keep wearing it for now.  I was relieved after the appointment and felt much better about how things are going.  The doctor still wants to see me in 6 weeks, and continue to regularly see me for the next 6 months or so.

Today is Nat's last day at Bloorview.  She is going home for good tomorrow.  I am really going to miss her.  Nat has been my special friend here and has really helped me get through the time at Bloorview.  Tonight at REC, we just hung out together.  Here are some of the pictures we took of us together and some of the REC leaders. 

Keep in touch Nat.  I'm going to miss you.  See you on MSN.

Wednesday August 25, 2010
Therapy was tough today.  We worked on trying to get me in the van in order to get me home this weekend.  It didn't go very well.  We were unable to figure out a way to do it without Mom lifting me completely, by herself.  I don't know what we are going to do.  Dad says not to worry about it - we will do what we have to in order to get me home for the weekend.

Mom and I went to the Toronto Blue Jays baseball game in the evening.  It was a Bloorview event and there were a lot of people there.  Natalie and her Mom went too.  Nat even had Blue Jays painted on her face.  Some of my other friends were also there, like Christian and Bess.  We all went on the bus together.  We had a BLAST!  We were eating, singing, cheering, doing the wave, eating, cheering, eating, cheering, eating...  Just joking.  We didn't eat that much.  And the best part - the food, I mean, the game was exciting.  Toronto beat the Yankees 6 - 3.  We didn't get back until after 10:00 pm.  We all had a lot of fun.

Tuesday August 24, 2010
Had a busy day today.  I had therapy first thing in the morning and Dad and I worked very hard at trying to do the transfers together.  We may have come up with something that works for the 2 of us, but we really need to keep at it.

I went for a bike ride around the hospital today - indoors and outside.  I keep getting compliments on my bike and everyone cheers me on as I drive by.  It was a beautiful day for a ride and we went around the spiral garden.

Later in the afternoon, it was Snoezelen Swimming time.  I think this was the last Snoezelen Swim for a while.  I had a blast with Nat and the volunteers.  We put googles on (wow, they were tight) and we were dunking and spraying water at each other.  I was under so long, Dad yelled out to "breathe Rebecca"!  I was okay - I like dunking.

Evening REC was all outdoors tonight.  We had a bonfire in the Spiral Garden.  No marshmellows, just singing and playing games.  And Family Pets was also outdoors.  A lot of the dogs from when I first came here were back.  Except for Bella, who was the first dog I played with way back in July.  And I came back to the room smelling all smokey from the fire.

See, I told you I had a busy day.  And tomorrow, we are going to the Toronto Blue Jay baseball game.  They are playing the New York Yankees.  I hope we win.


Monday August 23, 2010
In therapy this week, we will be working on transfers.  So that I can be transfered from my wheelchair to the bed, a chair, the bathroom, into a car, etc...  The goal is to be ready to take me home on the weekend.  Kind of a trial before I am released from the hospital.  If all goes well.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed.

I went swimming for evening REC today.  Zoe and Aaron were there as well.  I go to Snoezelen Swimming tomorrow and Natalie will be there for that swim too.  I did a lot of kicking today.  Maybe a bit too much because I needed some pain medicine earlier than usual.

Here is the video of me playing Tag at Bloorview.  This is how Dad sees us play.

Rebecca Playing Tag At Bloorview

Sunday August 22, 2010
Another quiet weekend.  We were hoping that perhaps I might have been ready to go home for the weekend, but I'm not.  Since my therapy has gotten a bit more intense, my spasms at night have also decided to get more intense.  I think we are all nervous about that.  We are going to talk to the doctor to see what we can do.  We are going to try for next weekend.

We had a funny thing happen on Saturday.  It's funny now because nobody got hurt.  Dad says it was a scene right from Seinfeld.  Let me explain...

On Saturday, there was no morning REC.  None of the supervisors showed up, so we had nothing to do.  My friends Bess, Britney and her Mom were out for a walk.  Britney's Mom pushes her in a wheelchair and Bess can get around pretty good in her manual wheelchair.  Or so we thought.   We decided to join them, so we went outside to catch up with them.  They were walking on the sidewalk and then we noticed that Bess was starting to go along faster than Britney.  And faster.  And faster.  The street has an incline and Bess couldn't control her wheelchair anymore and was heading down the street.  Bess was yelling for help.  Britney's Mom quickly put the brakes on Britney's chair and started chasing Bess.  Mom started running after her as well.  They finally caught up to Bess and stopped her.  It was pretty funny to watch - especially since she didn't crash and get hurt.

Saturday evening, Dad and I made popcorn and had a movie night.  We watched High School Musical 2 and I played with my baby Charlie (he isn't real, even though he wears real baby clothes.

My Gramma and Auntie Mary came to visit me on Saturday and Uncle Doug and Auntie Kathy came on Sunday.  Auntie Kathy brought me Chicken Paprikash for lunch.  (I requesed that last week).  Auntie brought enough for lunch and a 2nd meal later on.  I gobbled it down.  Delicious.

Uncle Doug also brought me my favourite ice cream - Black Cherry.  He lost a bet with me - I told him that Bloorview was a hospital and he didn't think it was.  Well, it says Hospital right on the side of the building.  So Uncle Doug lost and he had to go out and get me this ice cream.  Even if it wasn't on sale he still had to buy it.

Auntie Kathy's Mom made the coolest doll for me.  That's right - she made the entire doll.  Check out the pictures.  You flip the doll upside down and pull the skirt over and there is another doll wearing a different dress.  2 dolls in one.

I tricked Mom when I showed the doll to her - I had it as the pink doll.  When Mom looked away, Dad change it to the purple doll.  When Mom saw it again, she said she could have sworn the doll was wearing pink - she blamed it on the lighting in the room.  I laughed so hard and then showed her how the doll works.  Mom thought the doll was cool too.

I think I will call my doll(s) Rose and Violet.


Friday August 20, 2010
Dad brought my bike from home.  Everyone here has been saying how nice my bike is - the colour and style.  Zoe wants to race me.  One of the therapists came up and watched as Dad put me on my bike.  They want to make sure there aren't any problems with me riding it since my surgery.  I rode around the 3rd floor and everyone was impressed.  I got the green light to use it whenever I want.

It's also been great having my power wheelchair here.  I can go off and do things and not have to wait for someone to push me or even come along with me.  And we starting playing tag - Christian takes off and I have to go find him.  And more of the kids, like Nat, have been joining in on the game.  I have to keep my speed low on the powerchair - but Christian and Nat can go pretty fast with their manual chairs. 

Come back in a few days - Dad is going to post a short video of us playing tag - from his perspective.

Thursday August 19, 2010
Dad and I play fantasy basketball outside on the basketball court.  We don't have a basketball here so we just pretend that we have one.  Dad pushes me around really fast on the court and I pretend to race down the court and shoot baskets.  Dad sometimes fouls me and I get to take free throw shots.  I never miss when we play this way.  I do have a real basketball - it's in Mom's van, but we keep forgetting to get it from her.

My friend Zoe - she's in the room beside mine - got a stuffed bear as a present.  Check out how big it is.  It's bigger than Zoe and takes up the entire bed.  She looks cute when she cuddles with it.

Here is a picture of one of my night-time nurses.  Her name is Glennis, but all the kids refer to her as Auntie Glennis.  She loves my hair, actually, a lot of the nurses do.  She has a special bond with me and she tells her nieces all about me.

I have been working my muscles so much, especially in the pool, that I wake up in the middle of the night in excrutiating pain from the muscle spasms.  I hope they don't last - I've had spasms since my surgery - but lately, they seem to be a lot worse.

Wednesday August 18, 2010
My friend Melissa, her younger brother Morris and her Mom Tanya came to visit me today.  We hung out downstairs and had lunch together.  I prefer to eat downstairs in the cafeteria or bring food in because a lot of the meals they serve us isn't that good.  Too much salt and the selection sometimes is strange - like French Onion soup.

I was invited to go on a field trip tonight - to Variety Village.  Not sure what there is to do there, but I hear it's a really cool place.  Unfortunately, the REC supervisor, Kyle, was sick and we couldn't go.  So instead I did REC swimming in the therapy pool.  2 days in a row in the pool - I have no problem with that.

I have been eating in the SODR lounge more often lately.  I get to eat with some of my friends.  We chit-chat about things and what we are going to do in REC.

Aunt Rose, Aunt Lil, Tracey and Matthew came to visit me.  Aunt Rose is going to Newfoundland soon for a vacation and she wanted to see me before she left.  I got to hold Matthew and play with him on my bed.  He is so cute. 


Tuesday August 17, 2010
I got a call this morning from my Aunt Becky from Newfoundland, whom I was named after (Rebecca, not Becky).  I was surprised and excited to hear from her.  I love getting calls, now that I am finally in my own room and we figured out our room's phone number and extension.

In therapy today, I spent 20 minutes on the slantboard bearing full weight.  That was really tough - I tried calling a few people to help pass the time and get through it, but I couldn't get a hold of anyone.  Dad said my legs turned purple and blotchy (he was creeped out), but they went back to normal as soon as I came off the board.

I had a lot of visitors today.  My friend Giselle and her Mom came by.  Once again, Giselle was very excited to see me.  They got to see my new room and they really liked it.  I have paintings and other art creations I've made in REC decorating the room.

Joey and his Mom (Aunt Lil) also came to visit me.  Joey brought lunch for everyone and we sat together downstairs to eat.  Joey is leaving this week to move back to Newfoundland.  I gave him a couple of gifts to remember me by.  I am really going to miss Joey.

This afternoon's REC was Snoezelen Swimming.  It was a lot of fun.  They hoisted me into the pool and there were a ton of volunteers in the pool.  I bet they were lined up to volunteer, because the water was 92 degrees.  Very relaxing.

And the Snoezelen part is where they have the lights low and disco ball lights and other soothing lights and projection of images (like butterflies) on the wall.  My friend Zoe was also swimming - she really loves the water, just like me.  Joey and Aunt Lil, as well as Mom and Dad, watched me swim.  I bet they wished they were in the pool too.

Monday August 16, 2010
My OT (Rebecca) looked at my power wheelchair and I got the okay to start using it.  Now I can zip to Natalie's room and I don't have to wait for someone to push me.  Another milestone in this healing process reached.

Ryan and Auntie Meta came by today.  We had lunch together and hung around downstairs.

No scheduled therapy today.  That doesn't mean I won't have therapy though - Mom will do my stretches with me.  One of the therapists said Mom should be a therapist too, since she knows so much about what to do.

I am still experiencing a lot of pain - especially when I sit in the same position for a while.  I guess I stiffen up.  Nights are also not that great.  I still sleep with the zimmers and wedge and sometimes I find it hard to get comfortable.  So I need to be adjusted many times throughout the night.  That makes for a long restless sleep.

Sunday August 15, 2010
It was a quiet weekend.  Uncle Doug and Auntie Kathy came to see me Saturday and that was it for visitors this weekend.

A couple of cool things are happening early this week.  Mom brought my powerchair and on Monday, I will be able to start using it.  And on Tuesday, I will be going swimming for REC.  It will be the first time in a pool since the weekend before my surgery.  The water temperature in the pool here is 92 degrees.  That's warmer than Dad ever gets our pool at home. 


Friday August 13, 2010
Worked hard in therapy today.  Went to 80 degrees on the slantboard for about 15 minutes.  That's considered full weight bearing.  It was tough, so I spent another 5 - 10 minutes at 70 degrees.  I also did quite a few sit to stands with the turner.  It's going to take a lot of effort to get that going, but if I want to go home, I have to be able to do it.

It's going to be a quiet weekend.  A few of the kids here have been discharged and a few others go home for the weekend.  I hope REC isn't too boring.

Thursday August 12, 2010
Not much happening the last couple of days.  On Wednesday in therapy, I proved Trisha wrong.  Trisha didn't think I was going to be able to use the "turner", to bring myself up to a standing position.  That was one of my goals, but she thought it would be quite some time before I was going to be able to do it.  We didn't even try it on Tuesday.  But we tried it yesterday and I was able to do it.  Not as good as I normally do, but it was the first time doing it since my surgery.  Trisha was impressed.  So this is something we will continue to work on now, instead of down the road.

I keep hanging out with Nat and her Mom.  I enjoy visiting them very much.  We continued to work on beading necklaces and Nat got her Henna tattoo today.  We also just sit and chit-chat in her room.  Nat's sisters and Dad are coming up for the weekend.  I'm looking forward to meeting them all.

I hear Natasha, who does the Henna, is finished working here today.  She is a student nurse.  Most of the student nurses are done for the summer now and there will be a new crop of them in September.  Even though I like the student nurses, I hope I am out of here by then.

Tuesday August 10, 2010
Today in therapy, I tried to do a bit of weight bearing without anything but my AFO's on.  It was really hard and I was very nervous.  Trisha (my PT) says I will have to work really hard and it will take some time to be able to use the "turner" for transfers.  We may need to come up with a plan in the meantime, because Mom and Dad will need to transfer me from my chair to the bed, car, bathroom, etc. and I don't want to hurt their backs.  Trisha said I can also bring my bike soon and that riding is great exercise for building up the various leg muscles.  And I need to check with Rebecca (my OT) about when I can bring my powerchair.  Look out everyone - once I get my powerchair, there will be no keeping me still.

I had some special visitors again today.  My Aunt Belle and Aunt Lil came for lunch.  They brought me McDonalds (always a favourite - can't go wrong there).  We spent some time together and I showed them around the grounds.

Then I had a surprise visit from Don, Karen and Sandra.  They are my neighbours from Mississauga.  I was really surprised to see them and was so happy they came by.

Later, in REC, we made Kitty Litter Cake for Grossology week.  Sounds gross but it actually tastes pretty good.  REC is pretty funny this week.

Monday August 9, 2010
Well, look at me here.  Notice anything different from the last pictures of me?  No more Zimmers.  Well, not really.  I still need to wear the Zimmers for a couple hours a day (long sitting) and the Zimmers and wedge over night.  I think I will need them overnight for about 6 months.

It feels really strange, having my legs bent like this.  It seems like so long ago since I was able to sit like this.  By the end of the day though, I was really tired.  Probably sat like this for a little too long.  Some of my nurses who have been away (Ingrid) are going to notice a big change and I can finally wear shorts or a skirt every day.

This week in REC is Grossology week.  We'll be making gross stuff all week.  Today we made Spider cookies - they actually look like big spiders.  They were good.  Should be an interesting week in REC.

Sunday August 8, 2010
Quiet day today.  All of my visitors came at once.  Gramma, Auntie Mary, Uncle Doug and Auntie Kathy.  Uncle and Auntie always bring me good food to eat.  Much better than the food here.  But Auntie Kathy and Gramma seemed to enjoy the perogies they were serving for lunch, because they both kept tasting them.  I preferred the Chicken Pot Pie that Uncle Doug made.

Thank goodness I have the private room now, because all the visitors could stay in the room with me and I didn't have to worry about disturbing any roommates.

Saturday August 7, 2010
First night in our private room was pretty good.  When I woke up to be turned or adjusted or even to get pain medicine, we didn't have to worry about waking anyone up.  You feel guilty if you wake up your roommate, so this is better.  I still am not sleeping straight through the night.

But I still go visit Natalie in her room.  Many times a day. 

One of my nurses - Natasha - put a Henna tattoo on my arm.  It was really cool how she did it and it looks neat.  It's pretty big and I think they last for a while too.  All the nurses are getting them today.  I am going to ask Natasha to put another one on my foot later on.

I had my shower in the evening and went to Natalie's room to have my hair dried and Donna put it up in braids for me.  Dad asked why we even moved out of Natalie's room?  Ha-ha Dad.

Here are some pictures of my new room and the view from my room.

Friday August 6, 2010
We've heard that a private room has become available.  Not sure if we are going to get it, because we have been promised one 2 other times and then we didn't get it.  No big deal.  I am not sure I want to move because I really like being here with Natalie.  We chit-chat, started a beading project, text on the computer, go to REC together.  It's been a lot of fun.  Tonight, we may even have a pizza party in our room.

No therapy today.  But I was in my wheelchair without the wedge (but with the Zimmers on) for the entire day.  Dad took the Zimmers off for a stretch for about an hour.  I think we need to work up to a couple hours a day without the Zimmers. 

While I was at evening REC, Aunt Rose, Tracey (and Matthew - he is so cute) and Auut Lil (Joey's Mom from Newfoundland) came to visit.  And, we were given the private room.  It was very sad moving out.  I didn't really want to go.  Strange, because we wanted the private room since we've been here and now, because of Natalie, I don't want it.  I like sharing a room with Natalie.  Mom and Dad think it's for the best though - I still am not sleeping through the night - still waking up in a lot of pain.  So, if I have my own room, I won't bother Natalie or her Mom if I wake up.

By the time we moved everything over to the new room it was getting late, but we still had a little pizza party - in Natalie's room.  But Natalie and I are welcome in each other's rooms at any time.  Maybe my room will become the party room.  I hope Natalie doesn't get another roommate for a while, so it will be like she has a private room too.  Thanks Natalie for being the best roommate at Bloorview.

Thursday August 5, 2010
Today in therapy, the slantboard was set to 70 degrees, which means almost full weight bearing.  My legs turned red and feet started to swell, but not much pain.  I stayed like that for 10 minutes.  When they eventually put me to 80 degress, that is considered full weight bearing.  Probably not until next week.

Also today, the wedge came off.  I do not need to wear it during the day anymore.  Next goal achieved.  I am starting to "long" sit, still wearing the casts (they are called Zimmers).  But slowly, each day, we will take the Zimmers off and start to bend my legs.  As soon as I can fully bear having my legs bent, I will be able to bring my powerchair to the hospital and use that instead of this manual chair.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I am finally wearing a skirt.  I haven't been able to since my surgery because of the wedge.  But now that it's gone, I am free to wear skirts or shorts.  Ingrid, one of my primary nurses, has been waiting for me to be able to wear one.  Too bad she isn't here today to see it.

4 of us went to the Ontario Science Centre for REC.  There was Leo, Harleen, Aaron and myself.  Oh - and our Mom's.  We were all on the same bus and spent a couple of hours there.  We had a lot of fun.

To end my day, my roommate Natalie, her Mom Donna, Mom and I started a beading project.  I have more beads at home and I will ask Dad to bring them in.  I really like sharing a room with Natalie.  She is a very nice girl and is a good friend.  Natalie is also 10 years old and we were even born in the same month.


Wednesday August 4, 2010
It's been 6 weeks since my surgery.  I've been here at Bloorview for 5 weeks.  Wow!  Time is flying by - but so is the summer.  That sucks.

Today is Sylvie's day to spend with me.  We forgot to tell her that I changed rooms.  She found me anyway (my name is posted outside of the room).  I was on the slantboard in therapy today at a 60 degree angle for about 5 minutes.  No AFO's either.  It was okay.  I need to keep working at it, keep working at it, keep working...

I like being in the same room as Natalie.  She and her Mom are really nice.  Natalie and I each have our own computer in our room, and it was funny - we were texting each other back and forth - even though we were practically side by side.  Natalie was looking at the different pictures and videos on our BernardFamily website.  She seemed to enjoy them.  Natalie and I also go to REC together.  While my other roommates before Natalie were okay, I am glad I am in here with her now.

Tomorrow, I am going on a field trip with REC to the Ontario Science Centre.  Only a few of us get to go.  It will be nice to get out of here for the evening.

Oh yeah.  It's my cousin Elyse's birthday today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELYSE!  We called and left you a birthday message.  I hope you had a nice day.  Love you. 

Tuesday August 3, 2010
Crazy day today.  First thing this morning, we were told to pack up and move out.  There were a few new patients being admitted and they were taking our room.  Even Razan was told to pack up and move.  The patients (teenagers) were waiting outside of our room for us to get out.  We felt a little rushed. 

Luckily, I got to move in with Natalie, who is my new friend here.  She even told the staff that I could have the window, if I was to move in.  That was awfully nice of her.  This room is much better because I have my own space - we do not have to share an armoire (for my clothes and other stuff) and I have my own desk and computer to use in the room.  Not like in the other room.  But the DVD player was gone - don't know where it went.  And we all know I need to be able to watch my Jon & Kate Plus Eight DVD's.  Thank goodness they brought in a new player.

It was funny - Mom had to go back to my old room because she forgot some things and she heard one of the new patients in the room say to the nurse "What?  This isn't a private room?  I have to share the room with someone?"  I guess everyone is shocked when they find out they don't get a private room.   Mom should have said "get on the list - like the rest of us"...  Everyone wants a private room - even me.

In the evening, Mary from Dad's work, came to visit me.  I haven't seen Mary for quite some time.  It was a surprise - Dad didn't tell me she was coming.  I even skipped going to Pet Day so that I could visit with her.  Mary brought coffee for Mom and Dad and a Slurpee for me.  We had a nice visit and I got to show Mary my new room.  My roommate (Natalie) wasn't back from the weekend yet.  Natalie lives in Windsor and they were taking the train back to Toronto.  She probably didn't even know I was going to be moving in with her.  Mary brought me a DVD - Diary of a Wimpy Kid - and I would like to watch it with Natalie.

Monday August 2, 2010
Sarah, one of Mom's friends through her work, and her boyfriend Allen came to visit with me today.  I know Sarah - she came to watch me play baseball at Erin Oak last year and also took us out for dinner last Christmas.  They brought me lunch (Micky D's Big Mac) and I took them on a tour of the grounds.   We also played a few of the games she brought me last time she was here.

Other than that, nothing else much happened here today.  Quiet, but in the evening, all the kids that went home for the weekend start coming back.

Sunday August 1, 2010
I had a couple of visitors today.  Gramma and Auntie Mary came this afternoon for a visit.  We had a nice time together.  I even skipped afternoon REC to be with them.

And then Emiline (remember - she's my tutor), also came for a visit.  I was totally surprised to see Emiline.  We have so much fun together - she makes my laugh and we do cool things together.  I love when she comes to visit.

My roommate came back today.  She wasn't gone long.  I thought I was going to have the room to myself a little bit longer.  At least until Monday evening.  Oh well.


Saturday July 31, 2010
Today, we had a special event at Bloorview.  I hosted a family picnic - my Uncle Doug, Aunt Kathy, Elyse and Laura came with veggies, sandwiches, drinks and peach pie for dessert.  It was a beautiful day and we ate in the gazebo at the picnic table.  You see, every summer we all go up to Wasaga Beach for the day and have a picnic lunch and relax on the beach.  But this year, I will not be able to go.  So the picnic lunch was brought to me.  Sandwiches were good, peach pie was delicious.  Only thing missing was the sand and water.  We will have to have a picnic at least one more time before the summer is over.

We also celebrated Elyse's birthday (which is this upcoming Wednesday).  Since Elyse will be back in Ottawa, I gave her our presents now.  I think she liked them.  Elyse also gave me a special book and the DVD of the book - a story and movie she enjoyed when she was younger.  I look forward to reading the book and watching the DVD.

My roommate Razan went home on today.  We didn't even know she left.  I hope she will be okay, because she seems to still be in a lot of pain.  Razan is in hard casts with a pole between her legs, keeping them apart.  At least my casts come off so I can do stretches and have a bit of a break from the casts.

Friday July 30, 2010
I had a rough night last night.  Didn't sleep all night.  Which means Mom didn't sleep at all last night either.  I couldn't help it - I was in a lot of pain.

I had another surprise visitor today.  Uncle Paul (whom I haven't seen for a long, long time) and Ryan.  They came to visit me around lunch time and even came to REC to play games with me.  They stayed for over 3 hours.  Ryan keeps coming to visit me - I like when visits.

Tonight at REC we made Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies.  They were delicious - nice and soft.  Dad had one too and said they were really good.

Well, the long weekend is here.  I guess this place is going to clear out.  We have something special planned for Saturday.  You'll have to come back and read about it.

Wednesday July 28, 2010
I just wanted to use today's Blog to thank everyone for their cards and emails and to thank the many visitors I have had.  I appreciate the time each and every one of you has taken to send me wishes for a speedy recovery and to visit with me.  I love reading the cards and emails and enjoy spending time with all of my visitors.  I've even received some special cards from people that live pretty far away from here.

And thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.  It's a fun way for me to keep in touch with everyone - especially my family and friends that do live so far away.


Tuesday July 27, 2010
Today was a busy day.  I got a new roommate - her name is Razan and she just turned 8 on July 18th (same day as Mom's birthday).  I thing Razan had the same surgery as me, but she is in hard casts.  We go to REC together, so I am sure I will get to know her better over the next little while.

In therapy, I was on the slant board for 20 minutes.  Still a bit nervous about it.  I made some phone calls to help pass the time.

Later in the day, I visited my friend Zoe in her "private" room.  We had fun together.  We watched the music videos of Florida from our website, took some pictures and Zoe put on lipstick - all over her face.  It was totally funny.  Even Christian came by to check up on us girls.  He's a little character.  It was a lot of fun.

I had a visitor from Mom's work again today.  Vic came by and took us out for lunch.  Well, I couldn't actually go out - we had to each downstairs in the cafeteria, but that's okay.  Better than eating in my bed.  Thanks (Uncle) Vic.

Tonight is Pet Day at REC.  I love seeing all the pets that people bring.  It's also the first night with the new roommate (and her father).  We'll see how that goes...

Monday July 26, 2010
In therapy today, I was put on a slant board and raised to a 45 degree angle.  Minimum weight bearing.  I did it for about 10 minutes.  It wasn't too bad.  I was nervous though - had butterflies in my stomach.  My therapist said they will work up to 30 minutes.  It's a start.  She says tomorrow will be for a longer time.

I moved over to the window side of the room.  Not sure if I am getting a new roommate - obviously I'm not moving to a private room, as we were told I would be.  Dad opened the window.  Probably the first time in over a month that room had the window opened.  It was nice to have fresh air in the room.  But we do go outside often - either with Mom and Dad or with REC.  The summer weather has been hot - too bad I am missing it.  I want to get in my pool.  Let's hope for an Indian Summer.

Sunday July 25, 2010
47 minutes on my stomach.  I was showing off for my Uncle Doug, Auntie Kathy and Laura.  I even asked to go on my stomach.  But that might be a bit too long.  My therapist says that I only need to do 30 minutes at a time, but 2 - 3 times a day.  Unless I am busy with visitors or a good REC activity I don't want to miss.  Then I can go longer, but not as many times.

Speaking of visitors, Dad brought a couple of special visitors to see me today.

I was so excited to see my puppies Bennie and Hollie.  I think they missed me a lot.  I know I missed them.  Both Bennie and Hollie sat on my lap and I even took Hollie for a little walk.  They were really good.  I want them to come every weekend now.

Now, if there was only a way that Dad could bring Abby to see me...

Here are some videos taken during the puppies visit with me.  (It's funny - you can actually play all 3 videos at the same time.)

Bennie and Hollie Waiting for Rebecca

Rebecca and Hollie at Bloorview

Rebecca Walking Bennie and Hollie at Bloorview

Watch more videos of my Puppies - Click Here


Saturday July 24, 2010
I wasn't going to write anything in my blog for today because there wasn't really much to write about.  But I have to tell you.... we made crepes today in REC.  I made a Super Deluxe Crepe.  It had marshmellows and chocolate chips in the middle and sprinkled with icing sugar and topped with chocolate sauce and caramel sauce.  I bet you're thinking what I'm thinking....DELICIOUS!  They were great.  Have to make these again - maybe when I get home.

Friday July 23, 2010
I have the room to myself for the weekend.  Micah has gone home.  I will find out on Monday if I am getting a new roommate or moving to another room.  I hope it's a move to a private room.

Mom got pizza for Micah and me for lunch.  We had a nice last day together.

Joe, from Mom's work, came this evening for a visit.  And Aunt Rose and Uncle Pat also came by.  I think I am going to have some special visitors on Sunday as well.  Bennie and Hollie, my puppies.  Dad is going to bring them to see me.  I wonder how they will act when they see me?  Too bad Abby can't come.

Thursday July 22, 2010
Busy with REC (as a reminder, that's Recreational Activites) all day today.  We play games, cook, make smoothies, make crafts, play in the gym, colour, paint - whatever we want to do.  And every Tuesday evening, it's Pet Day.  It's a lot of fun and I look forward to going each day.

I have met quite a few friends at REC.  Like Zoe, Christian, Sarah and Natalie.  And the REC leaders are a lot of fun as well.  There's Kyle, Alana and Amanda.

Tonight, we went out to the Spiral Garden and had a bonfire.  We sang songs and sat around the fire.  That was really cool.

Tomorrow is Micah's (my roommate) last day at Bloorview.  She is very excited about leaving.  I hope my new roommate is nice - now I have to start worrying about that.  Oh well, tomorrow is Friday - the weekend is here.

Wednesday July 22, 2010
32 minutes.  On my stomach, that is.  Getting longer.  But I have to make sure I have my meds in me.  Otherwise - no way, forget it, don't make me do it.....

My friend Melissa and her Mom Tanya came to visit with me today.  We went downstairs and walked around outside and had a snack together.  Melissa is one of my good friends from skating, baseball and other Erin Oak activity days.  I have been to her birthday parties and she comes to my house.  Her whole family is nice (she also has a younger brother).

When Dad came in the evening, he brought me a Big Mac and a chocolate-mint McFlurry.  I was craving MickyD's.

Tuesday July 20, 2010
Special day today - my Auntie Meta is coming to spend the evening with me while Mom and Dad go to the Bon Jovi concert at the Rogers Centre tonight.  Bon Jovi is my Mom's favourite group.  I like their music too.  Here are some pictures taken at the concert.

Sylvie came to spend the day with me today while Mom and Dad were at work.  She came to REC and therapy with me.  She is going to come once a week, so that Mom and Dad get an extra day at work.

Auntie Meta and Ryan came and Mom and Dad left for the concert.  They came down to REC and it was Family Pet night.  They got to see all the dogs with me.  I am really missing my puppies - I want to see them soon.

Later, the three of us went to the vending machines and got snacks and pop.  Auntie also brought some games and nail polish to do my nails.  We did many different styles, but none that I really liked.  So I ended up with none on my nails.  Oh well.  I'll do them again with Mom and my Barbie nail printer.

I had a great time with Auntie and Ryan.  Mom didn't get back until after midnight.  She said the concert was excellent.  I am glad Mom and Dad had a good time.  Here is a video they took at the concert.

Bon Jovi Concert - Livin' On A Prayer - Rogers Centre 2010

Watch more videos from the Bon Jovi Concert - Click Here


Sunday July 18, 2010 - Happy Birthday Mom
Happy Birthday Mom.  Had a great day with you and I hope your Birthday was special - even though it was spent in the hospital.

Had lots of visitors today - everyone seems to come on the same day.  First, Auntie Kathy and Uncle Doug came to visit.  Then I had a surprise visit from Aunt Belle, Uncle Dean and Joey.  I haven't seen Aunt Belle and Uncle Dean in a while.  It was nice visiting with them.

Then, late afternoon, it was PARTY TIME.  Gramma and Auntie Mary came by for a surprise party for Mom.  We had chicken, balloons, cake with candles to blow out and we gave Mom her birthday presents.  I gave Mom a new iPod.  Now she doesn't have to use mine and she can load her own Bon Jovi playlists if she wants to.  Mom had a great time and said it was one of her best birthday's.

Saturday July 17, 2010
Not much going on today.  My roommate is gone for the weekend, so I get the whole room to myself.  This morning's REC involved a little birthday party for one of the patients here.  I've never met her before, but it was fun.  Tomorrow is Mom's Birthday.  I think we're going to have a little birthday party for her too.

Dad and I went exploring around the hospital again.  Checked out all the different floors.  It's quiet here on the weekend.  No visitors today.  Maybe tomorrow for Mom's Birthday.

Friday July 16, 2010
WOO-HOO!  It's Friday.  The weekend is here.  I get the room to myself because my roommate goes home for the weekend.

It's my Mom's birthday on Sunday.  I wish I was able to go home for the weekend too, because we would have had a party for her at our place.  A pool party.  And it's been so hot outside, I bet the pool is nice and warm.

Actually, Dad told me that he hasn't been watching the pool too closely over the last few weeks and one day he came home and it was starting to turn green from algae.  Yuck.  He did add chemicals, so it's okay now.

Maybe in August I'll get to go home.

Thursday July 15, 2010
I had therapy first thing in the morning.  Trisha said I worked very hard and she was happy.  Even went on my stomach for some good stretches.

More surprises today.  My teachers from my school, Mrs. Wetmore and Mr. Blimkie, came to see me today.  They brought cards from all my friends in my class.  They came down to REC and spent some time with me there and then I showed them my room.  It was great seeing them.  I looked at all the cards from my friends.  They were all nice - some were pretty fancy.  Made me feel good.

Had lunch downstairs with Dad today - pizza and salad.  Second day in a row eating pizza.  I don't mind that.  Went to REC again in the afternoon and evening.  I really look forward to REC every day.  I get to play and do activities with the other kids here and I like all the volunteers.

Aunt Rose, Uncle Pat, Tracey and Matthew came to visit me again this evening.  Baby Matthew had a mohawk today - he has so much hair.  He looked really cute.  They watched me finish a game in the gym and then we went to the Family Sitting Room.  They stayed until 9:00 pm (an hour after visiting hours ended).  I don't think anyone minded though.  Except the nurses couldn't find me to give me my meds...

When Mom came, I went on my stomach for about 16 minutes.  Very painful near the end, but I did it.  That's the toughest exercise I have to do (but probably the most important one).

Wednesday July 14, 2010
More visitors today.  My good friend Giselle came to visit me with her brother Luc and her Mom Lisette.  We recently finished dance class together and I play baseball with Giselle in the summer (but not this year).  We also do other activities, like go for ice cream or to the movies.  We like seeing each other.  Giselle was so excited to hear she was coming to visit me that she almost jumped out of her chair.  We all sat downstairs and had something to eat.  After a while, I had to go upstairs because my butt was getting sore from sitting for so long in the wheelchair.  I had to get back into bed.  Giselle and her family came up to see my room and spend a little more time with me.

Dad came in the afternoon to stay with me.  I went to afternoon REC, had an afternoon shower and went back to evening REC.  This week's theme is Food and we do special activities related to food or cooking. 

I went on my stomach again after REC.  Another 14 minutes, maybe 14 1/2 minutes by the time I was turned back.  Again, everyone was so proud of me.  I want to work up to 15 minutes by the end of the week and eventually up to 30 minutes.  They say that stretch, while very difficult and painful right now, if very good for me.  I'll keep up hard work.

Tuesday July 13, 2010
I DID IT!!!  I went on my stomach today.  Stayed there for 14 minutes.  Everyone was so happy and I was high fiving the nurses.  It started to hurt after about 10 minutes, but I DID IT!  There was a whole team of nurses putting me on my stomach and then back on my back.  I need to keep this up.

Wow!  What a day for visitors.  First was Sylvie, one of my sitters.  Then Dad came by at lunchtime.  Then Mary-Ellen dropped by.  Then in the evening, I was surprised by Manju, from Mom's work, Manju's husband and daughter Ariyana (she's so cute - I love little kids).  And Sarah - one of Mom's friends through work also came to visit.  I like days like this - lots of visitors. 

It was Pet Day at evening REC.  Only big dogs this week - no Bella.  I hope she will be back next week though.  I would like Bennie and Hollie to come, but I don't think they're allowed.

Monday July 12, 2010
We moved to my new room.  It's much smaller than the room we were in before.  There is only one desk and one dresser.  Means I have to share these things with my roommate.  She wasn't there when we first moved in.  She is 16 years old, her name is Micah (pronounced Mike-Ah) and I hear she is nice.  Looking forward to meeting her.

I went for therapy today - very nervous because I know they want me on my stomach.  It was such a bad experience at Sick Kids Hospital when they put me on it.  It really hurt.

Therapy didn't go well today.  I don't know what it was - maybe the medication hadn't kicked in - but it was VERY painful.  The therapist could only work on one side because it hurt so bad.  She is going to come to my room tomorrow to try some more.  They really want me on my stomach.  I don't think I am going to have much of a choice.  It's gonna happen sooner or later.  I am just going to have to deal with it.

I finally met my roommate this afternoon.  She is very nice.  I've seen her in the halls here.  She told Dad she likes to hang out in the teen lounge.  She likes TLC (The Learning Channel) and some of the same shows I watch - like The Little Couple.  I also hear Micah likes shopping, just like me.  Maybe we will have a few things in common (I hope she likes Jon and Kate Plus 8).  I think I am going to like her.

This evening at REC, we made Sushi out of candy.  It looks good and it really does look like Sushi.  I made some for Micah and brought it to her.  I think she was surprised.

Sunday July 11, 2010
Still in my room.  I did not have to move out today.  Good thing, because I had lots of visitors today.  We're still not sure if I will be sharing a room or getting a room to myself.  I will find out for sure Monday morning.

As I said, I had a lot of visitors today.  That kept me very busy.  First was Auntie Mary and Gramma.  I got beautiful flowers from Gramma (Dad needs to bring me a vase today).

Jen (from Mom's work), Ryan and baby Scarlett dropped by.  Scarlett to soooo cute.  They surprised me with a DVD movie.  Will have to watch it with Mom - I have not seen it before.  It's called Eloise.

Uncle Doug, Auntie Kathy and Laura came to visit.  They brought me food.  Pie and Gnocchi (homemade).  Delicious. 

Dad brought pizza for dinner and some new DVD's for me that he made.  Table for 12, Jon & Kate Plus 8 and the latest Kate Plus 8.  These are some of my favourites.

Went to REC this evening and made Chocolate Chip muffins.  Afterwards, I had a nice shower.  I feel refreshed.  I even spoke with my Nanny from Newfoundland.  This is what I call a full day.

What a great day I had.

Stay tuned to hear about my new room.  We are all packed and ready to move.

Saturday July 10, 2010
Not much happening today.  A lot of kids go home for the weekend.  I can hardly wait until I am able to go home for the weekend too.

I asked Dad if they've had any pool parties since I have been here.  He said they have had tons of parties and that they started to rent out my bedroom to other kids.  I said "WHAT?!"  He also said the kids play with my lift and sleep with Phyllis (my baby).  I'm pretty sure he's kidding me.  He better be.  I better get out of here soon to make sure he is just joking.

Went to REC again.  We went outside today to play and do activities.  It's fun and helps keep me busy.

I checked with Dad again and he was only joking about renting out my room.  I knew it.

We were told we have to change rooms on Sunday morning.  I am nervous about that.  I hope my new roommate is nice.

Friday July 9, 2010
Auntie Meta, Mike, Ryan and Erica came to vist me this afternoon (Auntie Meta and Ryan's 2nd time this week).  We spent all afternoon together, had lunch downstairs, I showed them around the grounds here and I watched Erica play in the playground area.  I had a really nice visit with them.

Auntie Meta helped Mom with some of my exercises.  They are tough to do.  Lots of stretching.

Dad brought me a special present this evening.  It is a Cabbage Patch Kid that wears AFO's (like me) and uses crutches to help him walk.  And it's a little boy named Zachary Andy (I gave him a new name).  Dad won him on eBay and he just arrived today.  I love his spiked hair.  I have 3 other Cabbage Patch dolls like these - they are a special edition - but they are girls.  This is my first boy doll like this.  Thanks Dad.

Dad and I watched High School Musical 2 on the DVD tonight.  He says he is tired of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Thursday July 8, 2010
Got a new wheelchair today.  I hope this one doesn't squish me or hurt my butt.

I went down for Physio Therapy today.  Dad took me.  He was shown some exercises to do with me.  But I wish Mom was there.  She's better at doing the exercises, even though she pushes me hard.  Mom wants me to get better quickly and I know it's for my own good.

Dad and I took a break outside today.  Another HOT day, but we found a way to cool off (Ice Caps from Tim's).  They were good, except for the occasional brain freeze.

Wednesday July 7, 2010
Got a new bed today (it's my 3rd one).  I hope it's more comfortable then the others.

More time spent in REC today.  It's beach week.  I made a door hanger with shells on it, another Lei because I gave my other one to Matthew, and I made a sand Sea Horse (well, actually 3 of them).  I enjoy going to REC.

Auntie Meta and Ryan came to visit me.  I LOVE visitors.  It really helps pass the time.  Auntie Meta may come back Friday to visit again.

Physical therapy tomorrow.

Tuesday July 6, 2010
I had a good day today.  I went to REC this morning and painted a couple of pictures.  After morning REC, Dad and I explored to hospital and walked around outside.  It was HOT, HOT, HOT! 

I went to REC in the afternoon and we made fruit smoothies and I even stayed afterwards to help clean the dishes.  I had a lot of fun helping.

My evening was fun too.  Evening REC involved making Hawaiian Lei's and in the gym, it was Pet Day.  Volunteers bring in their dogs and cats for the kids to pet and play with.  My favourite was Bella.  Aunt Rose, Tracey and Matthew came down to visit and got to see the pets as well.  Then we went up to my room (my butt was getting sore) for a visit.

Monday July 5, 2010
More visitors today.  My Gramma came to see me.  It's been a long time since I have seen her (since before my surgery).  I am glad Auntie Mary brought her today.  We had a nice visit, but who's taking care of my puppies???

Vic, from Mom's work, also came to visit me.  That was a nice surprise.  I love getting visitors.  It really helps to pass the time.  I spent a little time at the recreation (REC) activity place today, but tomorrow, I plan on spending more time there.  I hope to meet some new friends and do some fun things.

Sunday July 4, 2010
I had a great day today.  Woke up and the nurses took me for a shower, washed my hair, they combed, dried and put my hair in ponytails.  It was like a day at the spa.  I was even dancing in my bed this morning I was in such a good mood.

My Uncle Doug, Auntie Kathy and cousin Elyse came to visit me this afternoon.  I was looking forward to their visit because Auntie Kathy was bringing me Chicken Paprikash and Dumplings.  I didn't eat much for breakfast and skipped lunch waiting for my special meal.  I love CHICKEN PAPRIKASH and DUMPLINGS!

I got in my wheelchair and we walked around the grounds here.  Afterwards, when I went back to bed, Dad warmed up the Chicken Paprikash and I ate the whole thing myself.  It was DELICIOUS!!!  Thanks Auntie.

Friday July 2, 2010
Dad spent the night with me.  We had a good time together, but Dad said the pullout chair was VERY uncomfortable.  I'm still not making room for Dad in my bed.

I had a surprise vistor today.  Emiline, my tutor.  She came for a social visit - not to tutor me.  Good.  We had a nice visit together and Dad got a bit of a break.  And in the afternoon, Valerie, who works at Bloorview, came by to play with me and again Dad had another break.  Lucky Dad.

It's been very quiet at Bloorview the last couple of days - what with Canada Day and the weekend coming up.  I hope it gets a bit more exciting around here.

Thursday July 1, 2010 - Canada Day
Happy Canada Day!

Mom spent the night with me.  The foldout chair she slept on was not very comfortable.  I don't know how Dad is going to sleep on that thing.  There is nothing open here at Bloorview - Mom can't get herself anything to eat or even buy a coffee.  And there really isn't anything that is in walking distance from here.  At least I get my food made for me.

Mom got excited when Dad said he was going to bring Swiss Chalet chicken for lunch.  I bet she was starving.  I had some too and it was good.

My ERW's from school came to visit me today.  It was a surprise visit.  They stayed for some time, checked out my incisions and one of them even got to play a little with the hoist to lift me up and put me in a wheelchair.  I had a nice visit with them.

I also had a visit from my cousin Joey.  I was in my wheelchair, so we walked around the grounds at Bloorview and Joey even adjusted my wheelchair with tools from his truck.  Joey is always helping us with things.

Had a good day today; lots of visitors and every one of my nurses have been so nice. 

Dad is spending the night with me tonight.  Good luck with the pullout chair.  And there's no room for you, Dad, in my bed, so don't get any ideas.

Wednesday June 30, 2010
Today is a special day.  Not because I am going to Bloorview, but because it's Abby's 2nd Birthday.  Happy Birthday Abby!  I miss you.  Dad says you miss me too and that you sing and go crazy squawking when he comes home.  Hopefully, in a couple of months, I can come home on the weekend and visit you.

The ambulance came to take me to Bloorview.  Mom rode with me.  I was disappointed - no sirens or lights.  At least this time, my trip in an ambulance wasn't an emergency.  Not like when I had to be rushed to the hospital after our elevator accident.

I didn't like my first room at Bloorview.  I am still very sleepy because of the medication and I couldn't rest because of all the noise going on in my room (by my roommate, family and other people).  Mom had me moved to a quieter room for the time being.  So right now, I am by myself, but I should have a different room by next week.

The food so far is not that bad.  Not the same selection as Sick Kids Hospital, but pretty good.  And the nurses are very nice here.  Very helpful. 

Well, this is home for some time now.  I have to make the best of it.

Tuesday June 29, 2010
Well, I survived.  Barely.  (Just joking Dad.)  I had to lie on my stomach again last night.  It hurts a lot in that position.  I was only able to tolerate it for about 10 minutes and then the pain was unbearable.  I am nervous every time I hear they want to put me on my stomach.  I hope it gets better soon.

After I came off of my stomach and put on my side, I slept really good.  Dad tells me the nurse even came to do my vitals and I didn't budge - even when they checked my blood pressure.  I slept quite a bit during the morning and early afternoon.  Poor Mom.  I will probably be awake all night.

I had a couple of visitors Tuesday.  My friend Giselle's Mom came by to see me.  That was a nice surprise.  I already miss playing baseball and seeing Giselle.

My Auntie Mary also came by and brought me some goodies to snack on.  I introduced her as my Funny Auntie to my nurse.  She stayed a little passed visiting hours and I was afraid they were going to kick her out.

Mom is staying with me tonight and it's off to Bloorview tomorrow morning.  Sick Kids Hospital was great, the nurses are so nice and the meals were awesome - they had a cool menu to choose almost anything from.  I hope it's the same at Bloorview.

Monday June 28, 2010
Rough night again.  Hips are really bothering me, especially when I am being moved around.  My doctor wants me to lie on my stomach - I did it on Saturday but I don't like it.  It really hurts (but they really want me to do it).  I am nervous because the nurse says they are going to put me on my stomach later tonight.  Maybe she will forget to do it.

I was in the wheelchair again today.  And I had lots of visitors today.  First came my Uncle Doug and cousin Laura (who's watching Bennie?).  They came to visit in the afternoon.  In the evening, my Uncle Pat, Aunt Rose, Tracey, Adam and baby Matthew came to visit.  The nurse even let them stay after visiting hours were over.  It was nice to finally have visitors.

Dad is spending the night with me tonight.  Mom needs a break.  She hasn't left the hospital since Wednesday and is probably looking forward to sleeping in a normal bed.  I hope Dad can handle things tonight.  I will report on how he did in my next blog.  If I survive. 

Sunday June 27, 2010
I have been experiencing a lot of pain over the last 3 days.  They think the epidural is now only working on the left side.  My right side is very sore and I have been having a lot of muscle spasms.  I do not like how I am feeling.  The nurse took the epidural out on Saturday and have increased my other pain medicine.  Dad says I sound a little funny after they give me the medicine.  I don't notice anything different.

Things have been crazy downtown because of the G20 summit.  Dad says he has seen a TON of police on bicycles, some mounted police on horseback (the horses are even wearing shields) and motorcades of police vehicles.  On Saturday, the hospital was in "lockdown", so nobody could enter or leave the hospital.

Because of the G20, I have not had any visitors.  I didn't expect any because it would be too difficult for anyone to get down here.  Dad leaves early to come to the hospital (still takes him 2 hours to drive down) and leaves late at night, when everything has settled down.  Mom has been staying with me since the surgery.  My puppies are staying with my cousin and my Auntie.  I miss them, but I hear my puppies are being well taken care of and are spoiled.  Dad says he will bring my puppies to see me when I am at Bloorview.  I also miss my bird Abby.  Dad says Abby misses me too and sings, chirps and squawks when he gets home from the hospital.

On Saturday and Sunday, I got out of bed and was put in a reclining wheelchair.  Mom and Dad took me around the hospital, to other floors, down to the main floor and over to get popcorn, which is just beside the Tim Hortons.  I like being in the wheelchair because it is boring just lying in bed.

Only a few more days and I will be going to Bloorview.  I hope I get a nice roommate. 

Thursday June 24, 2010
I got my own room early this morning.  Woo-hoo!  I am so happy.  I did not like the CCU because it was very noisy.  My room is nice.  It will be my home for a week.

I had to go down this morning for x-rays.  That was fast.  Maybe they are looking to see if they left anything in me during the surgery that they shouldn't have. 

10! 10! 10!  (Remember the pain scale?)  I started having extreme pain in my hips and legs.  The nurses finally figured out that my epidural came out.  TWICE!  Hope that doesn't happen again.

I was fit for my new wedge this morning.  My legs are spread wide apart with this piece of foam stuck between them.  It gives me a good stretch but puts me in an awkward position when the nurses move me on my side. 

Still having a lot of pain.  My evening nurse called the Pain Management Team to come see me.  I hope they get here quick.

Wednesday June 23, 2010 - Day of Surgery
I can't believe today is the day.  A day I have not been looking forward to.  Surgery.  Ugh! 

I didn't sleep well last night.  Neither did Mom or Dad.  I was up at 4:00 a.m. and we left the house by 4:45 a.m.  We took an alternate route to Sick Kids Hospital because of the G20 summit.  We got to the hospital before 6:00; my surgery is scheduled for 8:00 a.m.  UGH!

Next, I got dressed in one of the hospital gowns, had my vitals checked and we went down to the recovery room, where I had to wait.  A hospital person named Katie came by (I met her last week) and we played Deal or No Deal.  I'm glad she came by because it helped pass the time and she was pretty funny.  Then the doctor came to see me and the anest... annasomething... sleep doctor, came to talk about putting me to sleep.  That was it.  I got VERY nervous; Mom said I was holding her hand very tightly.  I didn't cry but they asked if I wanted Mom to come in with me and I said YES!  Mom got into this white jumpsuit, shower cap and booties.  She looked funny, but I didn't feel like laughing.

They took us to the operating room and I lay down on the stretcher and the sleep doctor put the IV in my hand.  They said it was time to put me to sleep and then next thing I remember, 5 minutes had passed and the surgery was over.

Only thing was.... it wasn't 5 minutes.  It was 8 1/2 hours.  Felt like 5 minutes.  Dad said it was the longest day of his life.  When I finally figured out what was happening, I asked where Mom and Dad were.  I also didn't feel very good, so they gave me something for my stomach.  I was glad when Mom and Dad came in to see me.  They were also very happy and I held their hands.  Thank goodness, the surgery was over.

Mom and Dad said there was an earthquake when I was in surgery.  I didn't feel anything though.  Slept right through it.  Even an earthquake couldn't wake me up.

The nurses took me to CCU where I had to share a room with other children.  I so wanted to be in my own room, but they put me here so that the nurses could keep a close eye on me.  I was very sleepy, nauseous, but not in much pain.  The nurses have a pain scale, 1 = little or no pain, 10 = lots of pain.  I was a 2 or 3.  The epidural is doing its job.  I did have a fever though, so the nurses were treating that.  Mom and Dad were also sleepy, but stayed with me until late.  Dad finally went home and Mom spent the night with me.

Hope I get my own room tomorrow.

Tuesday June 22, 2010 - Day Before Surgery
Last day of school today.  I can't believe they made me do math.  I thought I wouldn't have to do anything today.  I gave out my end of year presents to the teachers, ERW's and a few of my friends.  It was sad saying good-bye to them. 

Mom and Dad took me to Wild Wings for dinner.  One of my favourite restaurants.  It was good; even had room for their Chocolate Lava Cake. 

I packed my bags, dolls, books, DVD's, Nintendo DS-XL, games and laptop.  Don't know how I am going to sleep.  I don't think anyone is going to sleep well tonight.  This is something that has to happen though.  Long-term gain...

Next update will probably be from my Dad.  Wish me luck.

Monday June 21, 2010
Last day of school (for me) tomorrow.  Last full day before surgery.  Oh no!!!

Sunday June 20, 2010 - Happy Father's Day Dad
Happy Father's Day Dad.  I had a great day with you.  Hope you did too.

Busy day today.  Father Abraham gave me a special blessing at church this morning for my upcoming surgery.  That made me feel good today.

Mom, Dad and I went to Canada's Wonderland for the afternoon.  I had a nervous stomach, so I was not up for riding The Fly for the first time.  Maybe in September if I am better.  My favourite ride is still Ghoster Coaster.  They got rid of the Hanna Barbera and Nickelodeon characters this year.  Now it's Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts characters.  New rides, but I am too old for them.  Dad had to explain who these characters were.  I knew Snoopy, but not the others.  He said he grew up with them.

When we got home, we went swimming.  Pool was 88 degrees.  Swam for over 1 hour.  We will try to get in the pool one more time before my surgery.  That might be my last time swimming in my pool this year, but the doctor says that I will be able to go swimming for therapy, once I am better.  That will be okay.

Mom and Dad are going to take me out for dinner on Tuesday (the day before my surgery).  It's one of my favourite restaurants.  Can you guess where they are taking me?  Come back next week to find out.

Friday June 18, 2010
Today, I was down at Sick Kids Hospital with Mom and Dad.  I had x-rays and met with the doctor to discuss my surgery.  All I could focus on was when the doctor talked about the risks.  I am very nervous about the surgery, but know that I need to do it in order to help me.  Dad says "short-term pain, long-term gain".  I hope he's right.

I also had blood work done.  That was cool.  Mom said to look away, but I wanted to watch.  Glad I did; it was really cool.

Not looking forward to next week.


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